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Frequently Asked Questions

Some answers to questions you might have in mind, to know more join our Pandoon Telegram channel.

Every exchange has its own API, authentication schemes, responses, ways of representing data, etc. Here at Pandoon we like to keep things very simple and let the panda tell us if we are doing good or bad with our normal trading activity, it's not here to keep track how many coins you have in 1000 different wallets or to consult blockchains, we examine only data coming from exchanges and csv imports.
Maybe it got rebranded and we need to let Pandoon know? Write us a line. Also remember that most exchanges will just return the most recent transactions, not a full history.
When an exchange platform is supported it means we have a percentual of progress that identifies how many features we support for a particular exchange. BUY/SELL recordings are a must for an exchange to be considered active on Pandoon, but support for DEPOSIT/WITHDRAWAL an other types of transactions might take more time.
There are some particular services that can translate value between coins, like Changelly and Pandoon supports your money passing down this path by creating all possible pairs of the coins those services supports. Sell/buy actions appears with these tags to help you identify that was not a simple sell. These exchanges have no data about the pairs so features like last price are disabled.
You can transform a Deposit into Mining to make it count towards the holdings. Same story with turning a Withdrawal into an Expense. We do not however support partials.
Every supported exchange allows you to create your personal API keys. Once in our system Pandoon will use them to fetch your transaction history. Generally you will be asked about a set of permissions to assign to an API key, generic transactions/deposits/withdrawals read only is fine since of course we do not buy/sell/withdraw/deposit. If you are a VIP member Pandoon might enable additional functionality that requires trading permissions. Keys are stored encrypted, like any personal info such as email and phone.
This is most likely because very often exchanges limit API listing to the most recent transactions ONLY. Pandoon supports CSV imports for certain exchanges. You can find a way to export data in this format on the exchange itself and then upload the required file.
We support transaction values displayed in three currencies: BTC, EUR and USD that is determined by consulting historical currency price datasets.
Not at the moment unless you are a VIP member. You need to manually refresh exchange data in your Account panel. Please log into once a while and hit that refresh button. If too much time passes between syncs you might need to upload a fresh CSV, if supported, because most exchanges will only return the most recent data.
Maybe in the future, but we are striving for a 100% automated ecosystem working with data from trading platforms. We realize however that there might be special needs about that so it's something that we might consider.
Support is baked in but still not allowed to be determined by users. Some notes will be written automatically and displayed accordingly.
Yes, just search for it and add it to the Watched pairs, you will also able to set Price Alarms.
It's on the immediate roadmap but Pandoon needs to feed. Please help by donating! Also the website is mobile friendly, you might want to add it to your Home Screen.
Yes, you can set them up after you add a pair to your watch list. Email for now, push notifications once we land on mobile. SMS are available to VIP users.
Enable notifications support in your Account preferences, service is available via Email and Twitter, follow @pandooncash
We are iCoreTech, Inc., the team that built! We expanded our interest in crypto and this the result.
We did not like what is available on the market and rolled our own. With BTC going up and down it's extremely difficult to understand if you are in the positive. Pandoon helps a lot with that.
We did not include any info in case you want to take and share screenshots without editing.
Yes, but for partners only.
It's on the roadmap. Please help by donating!
Sorry, no. We are grateful for each satoshi received but VIPs are early access users that activetely maintain, promote or invested in Pandoon. If you have something in mind please write us a line.
Ensure it is listed and trading on a supported exchange and listed on CoinMarketCap. If both steps are done and you still can't see your symbol please let us know and we'll unlock it.
Please get in touch, just be aware that there might be fees involved and not all listings are possible.
Pandoon mainly analyzes trades made on a certain pair. Holdings is a secondary value that might be incorrect because of its usage as entry point for other currencies. If you'd like to try to fix flag deposits as expenses retaining value if you know the amount went into altcoin trading. Generally speaking Pandoon should hide transactions for base currencies, but we choose not do so due to high demand, just be wary that it's rare for a seasoned holder to see correct results on those pairs. Also remember that Pandoon won't consult blockchains to determine holdings: if you have funds in your wallet that you never moved to an exchange Pandoon cannot see them. We are strongly considering adding manual transaction support for these cases, let us know in Telegram your experience.
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