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Automatically synchronize your crypto transactions and analyze your performance.
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Pandoon is now in open beta and registrations are open! Stop by our Pandoon Telegram channel to meet the team and report any issue, have fun!

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Welcome to Pandoon!

Cryptomaniac, miner, trader, holder, moon holder, ICO nut, bot trader or you are just getting your feet wet in crypto? You landed in the right place!

Exchange Automatic Transaction Synchronization

We connect to the exchange with your API keys and import trades, deposits and withdrawals. We even support coin swapping services like Changelly. No more manual transaction inputs.

Price Alerts

You know, better keep those investments in check on the go.

Transaction Values

We display all operations in a familiar currency, even if the exchange does not support such views. More to come.

Profit/Loss with historical data

Start keeping track of your transactions and understand with clear indicators if you're at profit or loss.

Coin Discovery Cards

Since we have fresh info from the supported exchanges every five minutes we built some interesting cards that can help discover new, rising coins / tokens.

Transactions CSV Uploads

Import your past trading history from exchangess supporting this feature.

Instant New Markets Support

No need to ask your provider to add a certain pair, as long as it gets listed on an exchange and CMC Pandoon will support it so you can start seeing your gains right away.

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